In this practical workshop, you will learn safe handling of the machines in the metal workshop at Happylab Vienna!

The metal workshop at Happylab Vienna is equipped with a variety of machines and devices for professional metalworking. Completion of this General Safety Instruction (GSI Metal) is a prerequisite for using the metal workshop.

In this practical training, you will learn:

  • Safe handling of our metalworking machines,
  • Which protective clothing is necessary,
  • Identifying sources of danger and how to avoid mistakes,
  • How to behave in the workshop and what to do in emergency situations,
  • How to use the machines step by step to realize your project.

After successfully completing the GSI Metal, you will gain access to the metal workshop and the authorization to use the following machines: Metal band saw, pillar drill, sheet metal shear, bending machine, ring bending machine, workshop press, metal grinding machine, double grinding bench, satin finishing machine, angle grinder, drill. The price includes personal protective equipment (eye protection, hearing protection, work gloves)!

No prior knowledge is needed. The minimum age is 18 years. Whether you are already a member of Happylab or just want to take a look at the metal workshop, you are welcome. The following options are available to you:

Learn the basics at our regular sessions. The safety instruction takes place in small groups with a maximum of 10 people in german only. Cost for members: 25 € (Non-members: 50 €)

Choose your appointment for personal training. Learn at your own pace and, if desired, on your own workpiece. Short-term appointments available! Cost: 100 €

In addition to GSI Metal, there are specific trainings for the following machines in the metal workshop: