In this practical workshop, we will show you how easy MAG welding is and how you can implement this technique in your projects!

MAG welding (Metal Active Gas welding) is a popular welding technique that allows for easy and straightforward great results. At Happylab, MAG welding is performed with a mixed gas of Argon and CO2. It is suitable for welding simple or low alloy steel (like structural steel).

In this practical training, you will learn:

  • Introduction and basics of MAG welding,
  • How to optimally set up the welding equipment,
  • How to prepare and finish the materials,
  • How to handle the torch in practice to achieve good welding results,
  • Practicing welding seams in different positions,
  • Identifying sources of danger and how to avoid errors,
  • And the use of the plasma cutter.

To use the MAG welding equipment at Happylab, you need both this training and the General Safety Instruction (GSI Metal). The order in which you complete them is up to you.

The minimum age is 18 years. Please wear long-sleeved work clothes and sturdy footwear! If you have your own welding helmet, please bring it to the training. Whether you are already a member of Happylab or just want to try out MIG welding, you are welcome. The following options are available to you:

Learn the basics in our regular sessions. The training takes place in small groups with a maximum of 5 people in german only! Cost for members: 79 € (Non-members: 109 €)

Choose your appointment for personal training. Learn at your own pace and, if desired, on your own workpiece. Short-term appointments available! Cost: 100 €