Kids birthday party

Celebrate your birthday with all your friends in our high-tech workshop and create a cool gift for yourself! For birthday children from the age of 6, we have come up with great workshops on 3D printing, soldering etc. which you are sure to enjoy. After the birthday party, every child goes home with a unique, self-made object!

Our birthday package includes:

→  Workshop of your choice (see below)

→ Sachertorte

→ drinks

→ nibbles

→ decoration

→ a self-made present for all participating children to take home!


We offer birthday parties on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 10 am or 2 pm. Duration: approx. 3 hours

Starting August 14th, 2021 kids birthday parties will take place again! Booking is already open.

Costs & Number of participants

The birthday package costs € 250 for 8 children, each additional child costs € 15. We can celebrate a maximum of 12 children (with 2 adults). Exception: a maximum of 8 children in the 3D pen, Drawdio and Luminescent masks workshop &  a maximum of 10 children in the Luminescent pins workshop.


The workshops are carried out by our trained staff. They also take care of the supporting program with cake, nibbles and drinks. The responsibility for the children remains with the accompanying adults. We ask for at least one and a maximum of two accompanying adults!

Luminescent pins - Light up Textiles (From Age 8, MAX. 10 KIDs)

Are you interested in electrical circuits and not afraid of needle and thread? Have you often worn badges on your school bag or your clothes? A pin like this isn't particularly unusual in itself, don't you think? What if your new pin could LIGHT UP? In this workshop you will add conductive tracks and lights to your self-made pin. Light up your surroundings and amaze everyone! Each child goes home with a unique pin. maximum 10 children!


→ Components for crafting the fabric pins & decorative materials

→ Conductive filament, LEDs, battery holder and battery

Luminescent Masks - Design your "Intelligent" Mask (From Age 8, MAX. 8 KIDs)

Ever heard of the term "smart clothes" but didn't know it meant "intelligent" clothes? Would you like to know how to turn a simple mask into such an "intelligent" mask? Would you like to provide your textile with electrical cables and glowing lamps and thus attract attention in a unique way? Then this workshop is the right place for you! We'll show you how to make your self-made mask light up. Of course you can take your mask home with you. maximum 8 children!


→ Components for crafting the fabric mask & decorative materials

→ Conductive filament, LEDs, battery holder and battery

Electric Book - Make Papaer Glow (From Age 8, MAX. 12 KIDs)

Would you like to know how simple circuits are constructed and which components are required? Are you creative and would you like to beautify the glowing pictures that we create in the workshop with your own painting skills? Then this workshop is for you! Here we work our way through the Electric Book using various electrical circuits and LED lights to light up the various images. You can of course take your electronic book home with you after the workshop!


→ Electric Book

→ Copper tape, LEDs, battery and foldback clips for standing or hanging


Tired of being limited in your creativity to a piece of paper? Do you need another dimension to be able to realize all your ideas? Are you interested in 3D printing and want to create fantastic objects in the shortest possible time? Then this workshop is the right one for you! We'll show you how to use the 3D pen and you will create small works of art in the workshop. From a badge to the Eiffel Tower, anything is possible. Let your imagination run wild. You can of course take your own artwork home with you! Duration: 3 hours, maximum 8 children!


→ Use of the 3D pen for the duration of the workshop (including printing material in many colors)

→ Jewelry materials (one necklace, one pin per child)


Are you creative and want to have a great t-shirt that nobody else has? Or maybe you want to create friendship shirts so everyone can see that you belong together? Or you still have no idea, but want to know how the print ends up on the t-shirt? No matter why, this workshop is sure to be fun! We'll show you how to cut out your self-designed motifs from textile transfer film with a cutting plotter and print it onto the fabric with a transfer press. Every child goes home with a unique piece that they have made themselves! Duration: 3 hours maximum 8 children!


→ 1 light green t-shirt per child. If you would like a different color, please bring your own t-shirt (one color, 100% cotton)

→ 1 piece of textile transfer film in the child's preferred color

Wunderwuzzi robots: Bristle speedsters racing against each other (age 6 - 10, Max. 12 Kids)

Are you interested in robots, fast cars and like to let your imagination run wild? Would you like to see what else you can do with a toothbrush, besides brushing your teeth with it? Then this workshop is the right one for you! With a few simple steps you can assemble your own Wunderwuzzi robot and embellish it with numerous craft materials. Then you can have a race with your friends or let your speedster paint creative pictures. You can of course take your Wunderwuzzi home with you!


→ Components of the Wunderwuzzi robot for every child (incl. extra battery)

→ Craft materials for decorations

Drawdio: Music out of a pencil (from age 10, MAX. 8 Kids)

Are you interested in physics and electronics? Would you like to work with a soldering iron because you've never tried it? Maybe you just want a pencil that makes music when you write with it? If one of these reasons applies, the Drawdio workshop is the right one for you! You will build your own electronic musical instrument in just a few steps using a normal pencil and a few electronic components. Of course, every child can take their Drawdio home with them. maximum 8 children!


→ Components of the Drawdio for every child (including battery)

→ Working materials

Book a Party: 

Please book an appointment at least two weeks in advance! Cancellation conditions: Cancellation by email to is possible up to one week before the appointment. In the event of later cancellation, the costs cannot be refunded.