In this practical workshop, you will learn the safe handling of machines in the electronics area at Happylab Vienna!

The electronics area is equipped with many different devices for professional prototyping of electronic circuits. Whether you are working professionally on your start-up, or as a hobbyist wanting to implement small projects in the electronics area, you are in the right place!

The training is not a prerequisite to use the electronics area. However, for beginners and people without relevant prior experience, it offers an ideal introduction to the world of electronics, encouraging you to start implementing your first own projects!

In this practical training, you will learn:

  • Which devices we have in the electronics area and how you can use them,
  • Soldering using a practical example,
  • How to handle a multimeter,
  • Practical experience with the machines to practice their handling,
  • Safe practices when working with electronics.

No prior knowledge is needed. Whether you are already a member of Happylab or just want to take a look at the electronics area, you are welcome. The following options are available to you:

Learn the basics at our regular sessions. The training takes place in small groups! Cost for members: 25 € (Non-members: 50 €)

Choose your appointment for personal training. Learn at your own pace and, if desired, on your own workpiece. Short-term appointments available! Cost: 75 €