On August 11, 2023, it was finally time - after a three-year pandemic-induced hiatus, the RobotChallenge took place again in Beijing, China.

Since the roots of this fantastic event are in Happylab, we were naturally on-site. After the inspiring opening speech by Dr. Ulf Hausbrandt, the representative of the Austrian Embassy in Beijing, three exciting days awaited us with over 3,000 participants from 24 countries and more than 1,600 self-built robots.

These were days filled with excitement, robot battles, broken sensors, flying Lego bricks, tears of joy, and emotions - what a weekend! I wish the winners all the best and look forward to many more successful years of the RobotChallenge.

(Photo credits: RobotChallenge)

ABOUT THE ROBotChallenge

The RobotChallenge is one of the largest competitions for self-built, autonomous, and mobile robots worldwide. It was annually organized in Vienna from 2004 to 2016 by the founders of Happylab, Karim Jafarmadar and Roland Stelzer.

The goal of the RobotChallenge is to inspire young talents to creatively engage with innovative technologies, research, and science in general. Experiments and hands-on experiences allow participants and spectators to get up close and personal with science.

The RobotChallenge offers suitable competitions for both beginners and experienced robot developers. In addition to the opportunity to exchange ideas and developments with an international field of participants, participants are rewarded with an enthusiastic audience for their months of work in the field of computer science, electronics, mechanics, and artificial intelligence.

Since 2017, the robot competition has been held in cooperation with Chinese partner organizations in Beijing.