Mostlikely Sudden Workshop: LEt's Build!

In the workshop "LET'S BUILD!" Mostlikely SUDDEN WORKSHOP invites you to Happylab Wien to build together. 

After a short lecture on Mostlikely SUDDEN WORKSHOP's way of working and the furniture series 'Not At Home Office', we'll start a tour through Happylab, where you'll explore the machines with which you can customize your own furniture kit. You will then assemble your open source furniture kits with the support of the workshop team.

Together with the participants, possibilities are sought to further process and develop the workpieces - with the aim of discovering the surroundings of the makerspace for your own ideas. Regardless of whether you are already a member of the Happylab or just want to get a taste of working with wood, you are very welcome. No previous knowledge necessary!

Next date: Thursday, June 23, 2022 (3:00 pm - 7:00 pm) Click here to register!


At the beginning of our collaboration we asked the team at Mostlikely SUDDEN WORKSHOP a few questions:

Who is behind Mostlikely? What is the idea behind the Sudden Workshops?

Mostlikely was founded in Vienna in 2009 as an interdisciplinary platform for architecture, design and research. For important challenges to our cities and architecture, Mostlikely continuously develops targeted work formats. In 2015, the idea of ​​the Sudden Workshop was founded by Mark Neuner and Andreas Lint. The Sudden Workshop opens a process that allows us to recognize our own scope in the city and has the goal of making public space tangible as a common resource. The Sudden Workshop relies on having fun doing it yourself and working together.

Why did you choose an open source approach in your projects?

Equipped with wooden boards, a chop saw and a cordless screwdriver, Mostlikely has been setting out with the Sudden Workshop team since 2015 to rebuild Vienna piece by piece. An open workshop is set up in unused locations and a design process is initiated together with local initiatives, interested parties from the neighborhood or festival visitors. The results are temporary installations and spatial prototypes that have high design standards and a positive vision of our cities. For us, open-source assembly instructions are a successful tool for generating lasting added value from temporary projects by allowing the ideas that emerged to continue to exist.

What plans do you have for the workshop series at the Happylab?

Characterized by projects in recent years in which we have celebrated low-tech production methods under the motto "Two board formats and one chop saw" - we enter the makerspace and try to explore the boundaries between humans and machine. The declared goal is the computer-aided 'Not At Home Office' furniture series.

'Not At Home Office' - sounds interesting! What can we expect?

In times of the ongoing pandemic, our everyday life has changed a lot and many of us have experienced what it feels like to work from home for months. However, flexible working outside of the usual office environment will continue to be part of our everyday lives in the future. There are now a large number of different co-working spaces, but they usually cost a lot of money or are far away. These considerations, coupled with the new possibilities that increasing digitization offers us, have inspired us for the Sudden Workshop 'Not At Home Office' series.

So why not build your own 'Not At Home Office' and set it up exactly where the sun is shining and you don't have to consume anything? The 'Not At Home Office' series is not a substitute for a perfectly equipped office. Rather, it offers the possibility of spontaneously relocating a compact and easily portable minimal equipment for working, discussing, meeting... in the public space.

Why is a community workshop like the Happylab the right place for your workshops?

We see the makerspace as an ideal place where joint ventures are possible in a very accessible way. Due to the wide range of technical possibilities and the pulsating community around it, we see ourselves as a bit of an intermediary between humans, city and machine.

Which aspects of open source are particularly important to you in your work?

Our assembly instructions should motivate you to become active yourself!

We look forward to the workshop! The number of participants is limited to 16 people. Info & registration: 

You can find more information about the Mostlikely SUDDEN WORKSHOP at 

The cooperation between Happylab and Mostlikely SUDDEN WORKSHOP takes place within the framework of OPEN NEXT.