Distributed Design: Final presentation & vernissage on march 1st, 2024

At the beginning of March, we will be celebrating the cool projects that were created at Happylab as part of the Distributed Design Residency 2023/2024. A warm invitation to the Distributed Design: Final Presentations & Vernissage on Friday, 1 March 17:30 - 21:00 at Happylab Vienna!

Our Distributed Design Residents spent six months tinkering with their projects, creating prototypes and producing their first small series. The results are impressive projects at the interface of design and making, which will be presented on 1 March and then exhibited at Happylab for a month. The residents will talk about the development process of their products, the highs and lows they have experienced and what the future holds for their projects.

The Distributed Design Residency at Happylab Vienna goes into the next round in September 2024! The open call for makers & designers is already open. We will be happy to give all interested parties an insight into the programme on this evening. Drop by, we look forward to seeing you! No registration necessary, admission is free!

In collaboration with the Distributed Design Platform, Happylab supports creative talents working at the interface between design and the maker movement. As part of the Distributed Design Residency at Happylab Vienna, makers and designers are supported in the makerspace in the realization of their projects. The goal of the residency is - depending on the current project status - the realization of an idea, first prototypes or a small series.

What is Distributed Design?

Distributed Design combines design skills and the "making" approach to enable new forms of entrepreneurship and local production. On the one hand, designers are acquiring more and more technical and practical skills. On the other hand, makers are discovering the design world for themselves. Design and production practices are extended by a digitally networked, globally distributed infrastructure of digital production machines in Fab Labs and makerspaces: data (designs) can move globally, while atoms (materials) remain local. This paradigm represents a new, sustainable alternative to the "take, make, waste" industrial model. Designers and makers can produce personalized products locally and exchange ideas with like-minded people worldwide.

Happylab has been part of the Distributed Design Platform since 2018. Creative talents from all over Europe are supported in numerous activities to make their work useful in the age of digital production and in the context of the emerging maker movement. The Distributed Design Platform is coordinated by Fab Lab Barcelona and has been co-funded by the European Union's Creative Europe program since 2017.